Enemy of the ants is available in the US, Australia and the UK. The novel recounts the distress of a lonely child whose violent behaviour mirror society's indifference to his plight.  The novel has been successfully published in France (Actes Sud), Italy (Neri Pozza) and Denmark (Per Kofod)

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"A child deprived of love is a star without a sky. Readers of this book will succumb, as I did, to its distinctive lure. It says everything there is to say without feeling the need to explain." Vassilis Vassilikos


"An enthralling book. Valentin’s whirlwind narrative offers plenty of food for thought." —Süddeutsche Zeitung


"Stephan Valentin describes a child’s world with words that are simple, blunt and genuine. Impeccable."   Lettera.com


"We cannot help but be won over by Jonas’ distress, his acute loneliness, and by the tragedy that unfolds."   —LE MONDE de l’éducation   


"A miniature linguistic masterpiece – moving, courageous and poetic."

                                                                                      —Berlingske Tidende