Quand mon bébé me parle / When my baby speaks to me


Is there a more exciting or beautiful day in one’s life when one becomes a parent ? Is there a more horrific night than that which your baby screams all night non-stop and you are unable to understand what is wrong?

Oh yes, before your baby learns to speak, he or she communicates with screams, tears, looks, mimicking and gestures which are far from simple to decipher. And finally when the first words are uttered, it is far from over, the first babblings can appear very obscure…

Your baby is constantly expressing his or her emotion, thoughts and desires through different channels with the aim of constructing a relation of love, to create and strengthen ties firstly with you the parents and later with others.

However, it is a long voyage from the first kick inside the mother’s womb to an articulate and reasoning discourse. This book will accompany you on this voyage and allow you to decode what your baby or young child is “telling” you.

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